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Early identification is key.

Simple assessments scheduled for 4-6 years of age.  

Find areas of strength and weakness.

Determine if child is "at risk" using standardized, normalized assessments.

For a limited time, ASSESSMENTS ARE FREE through the support of the grant from Rochester Scottish Rite Children's Foundation and many other supporters of the program.


Learning together

Help Your Child Before They Fall Behind!


What do we learn at Reading Club?

Phonemic Awareness


Connecting sounds/symbols relationship

Recognize and write their name

Understand concepts of print

Remember more sight words

Learn good pencil grip

Explicit instruction on how to write letters

and much more


Reading Club

What is Reading Club?

Reading Club is a fun, activity filled hour where parent/child participates to strengthen the fundamental skill that scientific research has shown are foundations of reading.

Your child is exposed to the way the English language works which helps to scaffold and to build their understanding of reading.  Parents are coached in methods and techniques that will increase their child's skills with productive practice through games and activities. Reading Club is organized  in six week blocks.  Many families elects to continue in Reading Club for consecutive sessions.

Financial assistance is available for families that demonstrate financial need through grants from The Reading Center.


Concerning Signs

Children may exhibit a variety of combinations of the following:

  • May have one or more relatives in the extended family with dyslexia
  • May talk later than most children
  • May have difficulty pronouncing words,   i.e., buspetti for spaghetti, mawn lower for lawn mower
  • May be slow to add new vocabulary words 
  • May be unable to recall the right word
  • May have difficulty with rhyming
  • May have trouble learning the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, colors, shapes, how to spell and write his or her name
  • May be unable to follow multi-step directions or routines
  • May have difficulty telling and/or retelling a story in the correct sequence
  • Often has difficulty separating sounds in words and blending sounds to make words



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