Reading Readiness Assessment is for emergent readers ages 4-years to  middle of 1st grade.  Although these age appropriate,  brief tests are not diagnostic for dyslexia, these standardized assessments can help determine whether a child is "at risk" of reading problems.

 Upon completion, parent conference to discuss the reporting and to learn about resources and specific strategies to focus on strengthening areas of noted weakness that are likely to impact development of reading skills.
  This provides a baseline for monitoring growth.   The assessment and conference will be completed in 1 hour.
NO WRITTEN REPORT IS PROVIDED.         Request for Reading Readiness Assessment 
 Cost for Reading Readiness Assessment is FREE, as it is covered by grants obtained by the Reading Center.    

If your want to give your child more support as they learn to read, Reading Club is and option for your family.  Learn more about by during your conference during  the assessment and  Reading Club here

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