Full Educational Assessment

This documentation may be used to request accommodations (504 plan) or to seek special educational services (IEP). The written report begins a paper trail to document your or your child's  problems and needs so you can objectively track progress over time.  Most clients have found the written report to be very useful and a tool that they refer to many times over the years.  

The testing, which takes 3.5 to 4 hours, documents skills in the areas of phonological processing, reading, spelling, writing, listening, vocabulary, and math.

The client and/or family confers with the tester during an in-depth 2 hour conference.  This is an opportunity to discuss the test results and recommendations, talk about concerns, and answer questions. Typically, the testing and the conference are done on different days.**  Please make arrangements for your child during the conference, as our staff cannot supervise during the conference. 

A COMPREHENSIVE, WRITTEN REPORT WILL BE PREPARED and mailed to you approximately  2 weeks after testing and the conference are completed

Cost of Full Educational Evaluation: $825.                                Request for Testing- Child     Request for testing -Adult

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**For families that travel from a distance, arrangements can be made in advance to have your testing and conference on the same day.  Please prepare to provide activities and snacks for your child during the conference, as our staff cannot supervise during the conference. When testing and conference is completed in one day the cost is $925.

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